Monday, 10 December 2012

Sweetie and Bill meet the art judge Wendy Taylor

Stuart, Marni and Olivia on judging day
It was a nail biting build up to the arrival of Wendy Taylor the art judge and Lynne Strong the organiser. We had everything prepared and we looked spick in our blazers but we had sooooo much nervous energy it was hard to contain ourselves as the photos show.

Our frivolity stopped the minute that Wendy and Lynne arrived and it was down to the serious business of explaining the symbolism in our art work; namely one Sweetie Meaty Pie and farmer Bill.
Somehow though the event didn't get too serious and there were plenty of laughs. Poor Wendy and Lynne were a little delerious after their exhaustive touring around the state for the judging process and our team's infectious enthusiasm had them laughing quite a bit.We had a lovely time with them and in true Shoalhaven High tradition they left with fresh produce from the farm.

                                                      Explaining our artwork to Wendy

                                                        Lynne Strong interviews our team

These are the photos of the team putting the finishing coat on Sweetie and painting Bill in the days leading up to the deadline.

Mrs McNeil and the team putting the gloss coat on

Natasha stitches Bill's clothes on
Tabetha and Sophia

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