Friday, 7 September 2012

Efficiency Gains in Beef Production

These are some of the ways in which efficiency gains in beef production have been achieved in Australia:
  • Efficiency in water management
  • genetic advancement for cattle
  • improving the health of soil
  • reducing emissions
  • selective breeding
  • continuous ground covers
  • extensive arid farming
  • Sectioning paddocks for grazing. 

The five key areas of a healthy productive and diverse ecosystem are
  1. land use and management,
  2. biodiversity,
  3. soil and water, 
  4. controlling feral animals and weeds,
  5. greenhouse gas and energy management.
For example in 1990 the Spooner family of Avocet south of Emerald in Queensland,set up part of their property as a nature refuge for biodiversity for future generations. Their cattle are grazed under strict grazing conditions.

These are the future farmers who are part of a new generation who take their roles as custodians of the land very seriously.

Feedlots across the country that produce grain fed beef, such as 'Peechelba' in Victoria are finding ways to recycle waste and minimise their environmental impact. 'Peechelba', run by Gina Lincoln, sells certified organic manure produced by cattle on the property to landscape gardeners viticulturists and local gardeners looking to improve soil structure.

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