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Feeding and Clothing our community

We are now at the stage where we have to work out some population statistics for our local area. We are going to use the Australian Bureau of Statistics as our source of information as we feel that it will be a reliable source. The Shoalhaven is a huge area made up of many smaller sized settlements and the main towns of Nowra, Bomaderry and Ulladulla. In 2012 our local population is 98,076 people and each year that number continues to grow.

So now for some calculations..............

Using the information provided in the Archibull Program Manual on page 24 we calculated the kilograms consumed per person per day for each of the commodity groups by dividing the Sydney totals by the population for Sydney which is 4 600 000 people. We then used the value per person and multiplied it by our local population of 98 076 people. We also calculated how much produce or animals that equated to.

We also realised that there were commodity groups such as fish and shellfish and synthetic fabrics that were also consumed by our community but we don't have any statistics for these groups so we might try and find out what we can.

There is also the question of how much food do we waste? As a country we waste around 4 million tonnes of food a year which is a terrible amount especially when 1.2 million Australians do not have access to a safe and nutritious food supply!

What it takes to feed and clothe the Shoalhaven community in one day

Commodity group
Kilograms consumed per day in Sydney
Kilograms per person per day
Kilograms for Shoalhaven population
Produce/animals required
Produce/animals required per person
Animals needed
303,726 kg
0.0474571875 kg
4654.4 Kg
10,847 pigs

166.2 pigs
2,090,795 kg
0.3266867188 kg
32040.1 Kg
8,664,032 fruit & vegetables

132770.8 fruit &veges
1,295,562 kg
0.2024315625 kg
19853.7 Kg
1,423,832 hens

21819.3 hens
Meat and Livestock
577,205 kg
0.09018828125 kg
8845.3 Kg
9014 beasts

138.1 beasts
1,817,315 kg
0.2839554688 kg
27849.2 Kg
390,146 dairy cows

5978.7 dairy cows
693,151 kg
0.1083048438 kg
10622.1 kg
31543 loaves of bread

Bees (honey)
882,191,781 bees

163,836 kilograms
0.025599375 kg
8,191,780,822 grains of rice

125533921.2 grains of rice
1,854 bales = 420,858 kilograms
0.0657590625 kg
30,000 hectares of land


459.7 ha


we have come up with a clever way of representing that on our cow....

Each of the food groups and the amounts required for the Shoalhaven's daily consumption

The team putting the numbers on

Speaking of Sweetie Meaty Pie................... our last day of term was filled with lots of creativity as we began painting after weeks of planning. Check out the pictures and videos below........

Sweetie Meaty Pie comes to life as Shoalhaven High Archibull team creates artwork

We are representing the Shoalhaven region on one side of our cow - you can see the coastline and Shoalhaven River and the farming land of the Shoalhaven floodplain

Sweetie has an arrow on her head and the word INNOVATION across her horns to represent how Agriculture is moving forwards

constructing our farmer

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