Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Our Awesome Archifull Team

Marni working on our blog

Our team is made up of a rather wide variety of students. There are the  intelligent, the artistic and the just plain silly. Never the less, everything runs like clockwork and all goes to plan. We have all extremely enjoyed Archibull and hope to do it again next year.

Ashlee: Bubbly year 10 student who can't stop laughing. "I am artistic and the leader of the art team! I enjoy Doctor Who and am a huge fan of Anime. I think that agriculture is fun and a vital industry for the future."

Ashlee bringing Sweetie to life
 Stuart: Year 10 Student who loves music, drama and chocolate. "I am one of the bloggers and I am fascinated with the agricultural industry and the impacts it has on modern life. I know a dairy farmer who lives on the South Coast. Although I may not be the best artist I like to give everything a go!"

Natasha: Fairly sure she is the oldest student in the group. "I am generally a quiet person but I always love to have fun. I like to garden and sing in the shower."


Marni: An enthusiastic, energetic and outgoing year 10 student."I have always been interested in farming and science so I thought that Archibull would be a great opportunity to gain skills and have fun along the way whilst learning about my interests. I help out with the blog and where ever I am needed."

Deborah: Reluctant to be a part of the team but she has found that she loves agriculture.
"I take my time with everything I do as I have a high attention to detail. I enjoy art, talking and all types of animals (except spiders)."

Olivia: Yr. 8, very friendly and a nerd who cares about others, even to those who are mean to me. "I love music and art but mostly I love working on the school farm. I am one of the video people. I am very energetic but I often go crazy. When I laugh hard or do exercise I go as red as a capsicum. My dream is to be a vet."

 Marjorie: One of the youngest in the group. "I love drawing, art and can't wait to do Agriculture next year. I am a really friendly person and I try my hardest in all I do!"
Marjorie fat scoring Sweetie Meaty Pie

 Victoria: A loud talkative person who loves baby animals. "My favourite colour is purple and I love photography and reading. I find that agriculture is an incredibly interesting subject not only to study at school but just for fun. When I grow up I would love to work with animals."

Sophia: She is a relatively quiet year 8 student that has two dogs and two lizards. "I enjoy playing my guitar in any style that I can get my hands on. I get annoyed when people cannot pronounce my name properly. I love agriculture!"
Victoria, Marjorie and Sophia learning about meat quality with Steph

 Tabetha: The quietest member of the group who loves to read. "I have enjoyed my time so far participating in the Archibull project and I hope we all go well. I like playing practical jokes on my family."

Alissa, Ashlee and Narelle
These girls have dropped in and out for different sessions along the way.

Mrs McNeil and Ms Hargraves

Mrs McNeil teaches Science, Agriculture and Primary Industries.

Ms Hargraves is the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator and teaches Science.
 "The students have been having so much fun and are so engaged in the learning process. The Archibull Prize has been a fantastic opportunity for these students to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge and understanding about the role of agriculture in feeding a hungry world. They have become a real team and established some excellent networks within their local community. Along the way their creativity and critical thinking has blossomed and their appreciation of the contributions that farmers make to their world has grown."

Archie and Us at Shoalhaven High School
"When I was first asked to be part of this project by our Team Leader Deb Hargraves I was wondering how on earth I was going to fit this into an ever increasing work load that is part of being a school teacher and a school student. However we have managed the time line really well and I have thoroughly benefited from the quality of resources sent to our school. This project has provided me with a number of new and interesting internet links to show not only the students undertaking the Archibull prize competition but to use for all of my other agricultural classes. We have also been able to develop some excellent industry contacts and the visit from our Young Farming Champion was FANTASTIC! The students have been so inspired by these people and this has opened up a new and exciting path of conversation and education in our school.
Janelle and Henry the two farmers from the Shoalhaven Beef Association were wonderful to meet and the student’s really enjoyed learning about their farms, their ideas and the support and encouragement from them was awesome. Janelle has since given us another industry contact to help us in our goal to show some cattle through the school.
The students that volunteered for this project have blown Deb and I away with their enthusiasm and commitment to the project, giving up all their lunch times since the project started and Tuesday afternoon sport. Some of the student outcomes from this project include; team building skills, increased self-confidence, cooperation, ability to meet deadlines, commitment, raising the profile of the school within the community. "
Thankyou Maree McNeil

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