Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sustainability at our farm

Our weekly farm produce stall
Our most productive enterprise that we run at our school farm is the chicken yard. We produce around 10 dozen eggs a week. Our Junior Student Representative Council runs a food stall each week at school where they sell eggs, vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers that have been produced at the farm. The money they raise is put back into the running costs of the farm.

We have compost heaps and worm farms that are used to recycle green waste into rich sources of soil conditioners and fertilisers. Some of the schools waste paper is also composted. We also have rainwater tanks installed around the school and farm.

We have recently hatched baby New Hampshire chicks in the incubator at school. We are trying to improve the genetics of our chickens and hope to get a strong New Hampshire Breeding line going. Some of our Archi team members wanted to share them with you.

We are proud of the fact that we are working to make our farm more productive and growing food that is eaten by our very local community. This is a sustainable way to produce food with a low carbon footprint because there is no transportation, processing or packaging required.

The Junior SRC selling farm produce

some of these New Hampshire chicks are only a day old



A day old chick nestling in Victoria's jumper


Hannah and Shannon

Our layers at work

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