Thursday, 8 November 2012

Our Journey's end

The Shoalhaven High School Archibull Team 2012

On our final days this is our poem

Archi Parchi puddin' and pie
Ate the grass,
And made us cry

Oh why oh why
Did it end so soon?
We didn't even reach the moon

There once was a team
Who from nothing could gleam
A brilliant cow
Who always knew how
To break at the awkwardest seam

Some how, I think we've made it to the end
Though most of Ms Hargraves's hair may be grey
Still all our love we do send
With Sweetie Meaty on judging day
I hope things really do go our way

You will be able to check out our video on You Tube soon

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
We hope you learnt as much as us about where our beef comes from.


Sustainably feeding our future generations.

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