Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Our journey

Our visit from Lynne Strong of Clover Hill Dairy

Lynne explains what the Archibull Prize is all about.
Sweety Meaty checks in at the office

Learning about Beef production

Sweety Meaty visits our 'Cows Create Careers' dairy calves

Topping off Sweety Meaty Pie's base coat
Our Aims
More learning

Blog team collecting ideas

Mrs McNeil helping the senior girls with Creamy's harness
Big plans for a big cow
The art team working out a battle plan
Sweety Meaty Pie hanging with Finch
Learning about meat quality with Steph
Interviewing Steph, it was Olivia's very first interview!
Sweety Meaty has her first group hug
The Shoalhaven side of Sweety, before details
Deoborah puts her creative face on
Sweety Meaty gets her first coat of paint, "Hee hee hee, that tickles!" she says
The first coat almost done
Second layer of paint, much more green this time
Where the land meats the sky. Get it? MEAT'S the sky!

Sheep face is the new duck face

Pampering Herald
My precious (Lord of the Rings reference)

Deborah vanishes!!!
Row, row, row your cow! gently down the stream!
Marni sees to the slaves >:)
Hopefully she'll learn to paint one day...
An eary (eerie) sensation (pardon the puns)
What do you call a cow with a paint brush in its ear? Sweety Meaty Pie!!!
Narelle goes Neigh
Girl you got a cake face
Sweety Meaty snorted some flour
Sorry, we had to put some boring stuff in just to show that we learnt heaps
and again...
Creamy lines up Mrs McNeil
The calf was THIS big
some students SHOULD NOT GET USE OF CAMERAS!!!!!!
Mrs McNeil chatting with Farmer Henry
Sorry, wrong cow
All eyes on you
Sexy and I know it ;)
Ashlee still can't use the camera
Is this the moon? No it's superfarmer!
Mould cheese cow
Scratching me head
Hey girl look at that body (the farmer being made, you dirty people!)

I know we still can't paint

Getting sick of the cow yet?
Cause we've got more!!!!!
Told you so

and more
and now for something completly different
Chickens oh cute
They see me rolling
Squats to tone up the leg muscles
Just keep walking
Day on the green
Look at him dance
Lighten up people
What the mat?
I'm hungry
Finally we're at the end! (by the way, yes that is another cow photo)

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